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Nov 09, 2012

Lawyer Bouray Presentation on Landowner Rights in Oil and Gas Leasing

Attorney Nate Bouray, in conjunction with the Western North Dakota Energy Project, recently gave a presentation on landowner issues to consider after being presented with an oil and gas lease. The Western North Dakota Energy Project is a partnership including The Strom Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Dickinson State University, the Roosevelt-Custer Regional Council for Development, The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and DLN Consulting, Inc., to develop and host a series of briefings focusing on critical topics related to the current and long-term development implications of the energy boom. These briefings are being presented in a webinar format and have been recorded for future use.

The presentation put on by Mr. Bouray touched on issues including an explanation of the leasing process in general, issues to be aware of, the meaning of certain provisions of the lease, lease terms that can and should be negotiated, as well as a discussion of other, ancillary issues raised by executing an oil and gas lease. The presentation can be found at