Litigation Solutions

Litigation has been described as a form of warfare. When you are injured and need representation or when you are sued and need litigation-ready assistance, you need a law firm that has been through many battles and that packs all the ammunition required to meet whatever situation that might arise. Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers is such a firm.

Our Litigation Solutions Team has experience on "both sides of the table" - as plaintiffs' lawyers and in defending companies and individuals from suit. We understand the mindsets of all the warring parties and can effectively meld trial strategies to the needs of the case.

Our company-clients find that we are business savvy, understanding the crucial relationship between litigation expense and success. They know that we don't cut corners and that we don't put our convenience before their needs. We are ready to fit into your company's litigation budget, not break it. We are able to consider fee alternatives to ensure that your company is well prepared for the courtroom, on your terms.

Injured clients and their families, to whom litigation is uncharted territory, find the depth of our experience reassuring. They also appreciate personal attention provided by the Litigation Solutions Team. Being able to deal directly with the lawyers who will be alongside them in the courtroom is comforting. They also know of our intense desire to succeed for them. When you hire Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers, we prepare your case to win, not as just another file.